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Welcome to the Wrexham Glyndwr MtG Society. We are an active group of players, both avid veterans of the game and keen newbies looking to learn and expand together. Quite like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, this game is both friendly and competitive. We are open to any individual, even if you are new to the game, as we run workshops and training sessions during the semesters in order to get you up to speed. 


How do we operate?

As a society, we will be holding meetings once or twice a week (days/dates yet to be decided) and during those times you will either be playing against other MtG players, or you will be trained in the rules and how to play by a member of the team. When you apply to join, you will be given a form, or send a message in which you will be required to state your skill level and handed back to either the President or the Secretary. This helps the team determine who you will be with when it comes to attending the meetings.


How to get involved

By joining the society, you are already getting involved! In other cases, it would be best to turn up to the weekly meetings, and, if you feel up to the challenge, then we recommend turning up for the tournaments! These tournaments are between our own players and will determine once a month who's deck is, indeed, the best. Tournament prizes or rewards are subject to participation by members - Magic the Gathering is, unfortunately, not a cheap hobby to have, so all of your decks must be made by yourselves at home as we can't help to fund those.


Society Meetings

The first meeting will occur during Fresher's Week in order to establish a good day for future meetings for all. We want to make sure that everyone can benefit from attending these meetings and that nobody misses out on all the fun.


Society Tournaments

The Secretary and veterans will be judging the tournament matches in order to ensure rules are followed but everyone is having fun. We advise for such events that everyone brings what food and drink they can as we could be there for some considerable amount of time but cannot fund consumables.


Potential Trips

If there are enough members and everyone is happy with the idea, there is the potential for day trips out using the funding from the Student Union to tournaments in order to learn from other players and better our decks if possible. It could be that one of our very own players is at a tournament and we attend to spur them on!



The great part about Magic the Gathering is not only in the playing of the game but in the trading. There are a lot of players with spare cards that we either don't want or would like to trade for others, so it's always helpful to have a card book or box of cards that you want to trade! If you don't, and you're new, there's always going to be someone willing to help.


Make a deck, make a friend!

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