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Copy of About Us:


Welcome to the WGU Open MIc Societies site!

On here you will be able to find everything you need to know about our society. First of all the main thing you need to know is, why are we here? Well we are here for you! If you fancy taking the mic to Sing,Act,to make people laugh to do anything really! Then we are the people you need to speak to! As a society we can either tell you the date and time and venue of where our next event it and put you behind the mic if you're already confident, or if you've never done anything like this before and need that little support then we can help. If you need backing tracks or even just need some help with playing the guitar! We will be able to get someone to help you and rehearse with you until that day when you feel ready to get behind the mic. We are set in a venue in the centre of Wrexham called "Set the Bar" an amazing place where drinks are cheap and where you can chill before heading on up to the stage.

We arnt just there for you performers though! If you like listening to music and like being entertained then again we are here for you! For our performers we need someone there to perform to so come along to our events! At our events you can get offers on drinks and it can be the perfect place to go to before heading to ATIK which is only down the road! So if you like watching people perform then click that "Join this Group" button so you can keep updated with our range of events throughout your achademic year at Glyndwr University, or simply like our facebook page "WGU Open Mic Society" to keep updated, or you can wack us a message on there if you have any questions at all!

So thats it! that is who we are WGU Open Mic Society, here for you the students of Glyndwr University, helping you have a good night out and helping you take that mic.

Contact Information

Facebook: WGUOpenMicSociety

Team Email:Openmicsociety@glyndwr.ac.uk

President: Mark-Ryan Hughes (S14001034@mail.glyndwr.ac.uk


Company number: 10111959
Registered Charity: 1168132