The Advice Centre

The Advice Centre can provide independent advice and support on a whole host of different issues that you may come across during your time at University. 

What you can expect from us:

Your Students’ Union Advice Centre will always endeavour to:

  • Provide you with advice & information that will be relevant to your case
  • Work with you to develop solutions & possible courses of action
  • Signpost/refer you to more appropriate people or organisations if you require advice about an issue that is outside of our expertise.
  • Your contact with us will remain entirely confidential & will not be disclosed to any other individual or organisation, including the University, without your express consent. The Advice Centre will also keep a confidential record of your visits.


What we expect from you…

To help us in providing you with the best possible service, we request that you:

  • Give honest, accurate & relevant information about your case

  • Inform us of any other issues which may affect your case

  • Take any action(s) suggested by the adviser
  • Arrive on time for any appointments/meetings or if you have to cancel or arrive late, give notice.

You can check out the Advice Centre Handbook here. 

To book an appointment, email

Company number: 10111959
Registered Charity: 1168132