What is a Complaint?

The University defines a Complaint as “an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more students about a university’s actions or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the university.”

The Student Complaints Procedure does not cover the following:

  • matters of academic judgment.
  • requests for new or different services or provision
  • matters where there are separate policies or procedures, specifically Academic Appeals; Academic Misconduct; Harassment and Bullying ect.

The 2019/20 Complaints procedure can be found HERE

The Complaints form can be found HERE



Who can complain?

All undergraduate and postgraduate students including those studying for research degrees have the right to complain.


A student studying for a University award at a partner college/organisation, should use the relevant procedures at that college/organisation to resolve the complaint and should complete all stages of that procedure. 



Complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner.  Everyone involved in the procedures for investigation and review of a complaint, including witnesses, friends and persons providing evidence and / or advice have a duty to maintain confidentiality.  However for a complaint to be investigated fully and action taken, it will be necessary to disclose your identity to the person who is the subject of the complaint and to others directly involved.  They will be provided with a copy of your complaint and any evidence relating to the complaint.  Please remember that the person complained about also has a right of reply.


The right to be accompanied at any stage.

You are entitled to be accompanied at any meeting which is part of the Complaints Procedure. This can be a fellow student, Students Union representative, member of staff or carer.

It is not normal practice for the student to be legally represented at these meetings, however if you wish to bring legal representation you must inform the University of this. 



Time limits.

You must raise your complaint within 40 days of the “incident” you are complaining about.

The University will endeavour to keep to the time limits for a response as stated in this policy.  However there may be occasions when this is not possible. In those cases you will be notified of the reason why and the expected date when a response will be completed.


 Still unsure whether you can submit a complaint or would like some support with the process?

If you are unsure about any of the above and would like to speak to an advisor contact the Advice Centre.




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