Extenuating Circumstances

What are Extenuating Circumstances?

Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) are any personal issues that you feel affect your academic performance, such as illness, bereavement or personal issues.

If you submit a piece of work and feel that the standard has been affected by your ECs, or you missed an exam or assessment deadline you should submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form.

The Extenuating Circumstances Procedure can be found HERE 

How do I submit an EC?

  • Pick up your EC1 form from the ASK desk in the Edward Llwyd Building or you can find the form HERE

  • Complete the form, explaining what problem / issue has been affecting you and how it has had an impact on your studies.

  • You MUST attach supporting evidence with the form. Without evidence your EC is unlikely to be considered by the University.
  • Submit the documents to the SPC desk in the Edward Llwyd Building before the relevant deadline.
  • Take a copy of your form and evidence for your own records and ensure that you get a receipt when you submit the form.


How long do I have to submit an EC1 form?

You have 10 working days from the date of the assessment or exam to submit your EC form. An EC form will not normally be accepted into the process after 10 working days. 

If there is a delay in obtaining your evidence, submit the form within the 10 day deadline anyway. You can explain on the form that you awaiting evidence. Make sure you provide a date as to when you expect to submit the evidence.


What happens once I have submitted my EC1 form?

An Extenuating Circumstances Panel will then consider your submission and evidence and decide whether it will be upheld or not.

If it is upheld, your original mark for the module/s in question will be cancelled and go back to a zero mark. You will then be allowed to submit a new piece of work or attend another exam, usually at the next opportunity.

The Advice Centre would strongly urge students to submit an EC1 at the correct time. Failure to do so can often see students having to rely on the appeals process and although EC’s can be considered through the appeals process, you will need to evidence why you didn’t submit an EC1 form at the time of the assessment.


Still unsure whether you can submit an EC1 or would like some support with the process?

If you are unsure about any of the above and would like to speak to an Advisor, contact the Advice Centre.



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