As we approach the start of the academic year, course reps will need to be recruited so we have attached a short PowerPoint presentation for you to use to help you elect the reps. The PowerPoint presentation includes a video. Should the video not work you can also access it if you click here. Also included in this section is a guide to Course Reps for staff and partner institutions.

*It is important that you inform students of the course rep training and Student Voice Forums dates for the year. ELECTED COURSE REPS MUST VISIT THE STUDENTS’ UNION WEBSITE AND UNDER THE COURSE REP SECTION MUST SIGN UP TO THE TRAINING SESSION THEY WILL BE ATTENDING.

We ask that only TWO representative are elected per year, per programme. Representatives are elected for ONE YEAR and must be re-elected each year in order to stay in post.

The SU President and VP Travis and Angus can be available throughout the first  week of term to come and deliver the presentations and hold the election if you wish them to. Please contact Marc Caldecott at the Union to arrange this.

The dates below are deadlines for information of elected Course Reps that the Students' Union will need.

We require the Course name, Course rep name, year of study and student number.

Course Rep Staff & Partners Handbook 2017/18

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