Course Rep Training

Well done on being elected Course Rep for your course! The first thing you should do is familiar yourself with the Course Rep Guide as this will have all the information you will need during your time in the role. Next, we need to make sure that you are trained and supported so that you feel confident to undertake the duties of a Course Rep. Please look out for an email off the Students' Union inviting you to a training session and it is important that you attend. If you are unable to attend a session, please find  online training below 

WGSU would like to wish you good luck and we hope that you enjoy your time as Course Rep!

Online Course Rep Training

In order to effectivley fulfill  your responsibilities as a course rep, it is vital that you complete training. Failure to do so will result in a re - election. 

Please click the link below to complete online training. You do not need to sign in to anything. Simply read the first page and follow the instructions. IMPORTANT: In order for us to identify that you have completed the training, you MUST complete the form which you will find on the final page. This is where you will leave your name and programme details.



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