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Elections 2018 Handbook - Click Here

The Students' Union elections take place every year. This is when the President, Vice President and part time Officers are elected in. If you are a student at Glyndwr, you can stand for election. There will be a bye-election to fill the positions of those not filled in the March elections. The President and Vice President positions are paid full time, all other positions are part-time voluntary and run from July 1st until 30th June unless you are running in the bye-elections, in which case you will start  your role from the day you are elected.

Once you are elected into position, you then become a full member of Student Council. For more information about Student Council please click here.

Information & Campaign Session:

Thinking about running for a position but not quite made your mind up? Come to one of our information and campaign sessions where you will gather more information and have your questions answered. Every student is welcome.



Monday 12th March 2018

2pm-3pm Tips on Campaigning (Codie Wright, Digital and Communications Co-ordinator, WGSU)

3pm-3.30pm How to write a Manifesto (Marc Caldecott, Representation and Democracy Co-ordinator, WGSU)



Wrexham Glyndwr Students’ Union Building – Meeting Room


How do I book on?

Visit https://www.wrexhamglyndwrsu.org.uk/events


Need more information?

Contact Marc.Caldecott@glyndwr.ac.uk


Part Time Voluntary Positions – Students would undertake this role alongside their studies

Student Council Chair

International Students’ Officer

Mature Students’ Officer

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender + (LGBT+) Campaigns Officer

Equal Opportunities Campaigns Officer

Welfare Campaigns Officer

Sustainability Campaigns Officer

Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Welsh Language Campaigns Officer

London Campus Officer

Regent Street Campus Officer

Northop Campus Officer

Creative Arts School Officer

Social and Life Sciences School Officer

Applied Sciences, Computing and Engineering School Officer

Sabbatical positions – These roles are full time, paid roles. The role begins July 1st 2018. Students can opt to take a year out of their studies to fulfil the role or this would be a great opportunity for final year students!


Students’ Union President – Salary £17,000 + PA

Students’ union Vice President – Salary £17,000 + PA


School Reps

School Rep positions are already currently elected Course Reps who sit on the more senior committees within their School such as School Boards and Senior Managment Team Meetings (SMTM). For more information about School Reps, please click here and download the Course Rep Guide.

Our 2017 By-Election Results

NUS UK Conference Delegates

Maryam Riscalla


NUS Wales Conference Delegates

Katie Brute

Angus Hamill-Stewart 

Maryam Riscalla


Mature Students’ Officer

Katie Brute


LGBT+ Officer

Nathan Butler


Equal Opportunities Officer

Byron Ford


Welsh Officer

Emyr Owen


London Campus Officer

MD Shariful Soykat


Northop Campus Officer

Daniel Shutt


School of Life Science School Rep

Katie Taffinder



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