Faculty Rep for Social and Life Sciences

Meet your Faculty Rep for Social and Life Sciences

Name: Tegan Brierley-Sollis

Studying: Postgraduate Research Degree

Email me on: FacultyRepSLS@mail.glyndwr.ac.uk 

I decided to run in the 2018 elections because I felt that I had enough appropriate experience to represent students and their academic life at Glyndwr University. The skills I gained as course rep during my first year of my undergraduate degree programme and student rep for the LTQC throughout the entirety of my undergraduate degree, were a perfect match for the role of postgraduate student rep for the faculty of social and life sciences. I am keen to enhance student experience wherever possible and this role has allowed me the chance to do so.

In my role I attend Faculty Board Meetings, Student Council Meetings and make myself available for students to approach me with any feedback. I was keen to develop this role as much as possible and provide the best service for the students within the faculty of social and life sciences. In order to do this, I have provided Hate Crime Awareness Sessions for students and staff in conjunction with Victim Support, I have supported local community projects in recruiting students as volunteers, I have supported societies within the university including the Criminology Society and I have promoted the #iwill campaign in support of youth social action.

Students can contact me if they are experiencing any issues within the Faculty of Social and Life Sciences which cannot be resolved at Student Voice Forums. This may include issues with facilities such as WIFI.



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