Here at WGSU we have a commitment to sustainability and the environment that we take very seriously. If you would like to know more about how to get involved, please contact our Sustainability Officer, one of your full-time Sabbatical Officers, or pop into the Students' Union offices. 

Join the Botanical Society here and the Sustainability Society here

You can follow the Botanical Society and the Sustainabilty Network to keep up to date with their latest projects! 

WGSU recieve a 'Good' rating from the NUS Green Impact initiative!!

Each year WGSU enters the NUS Green Impact Award in order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. This year we were delighted to recieve a 'Good' rating. Take a look at the report and see where we make a positive impact. If you have any suggestions on ways we can improve or would like to get involved in anyway, please get in touch! 

WGSU Green Impact Report 2017-2018


WGU Sustainability Society partnership with Incredible Edible Wrecsam

We are extremely proud of the partnership between WGU Sustainability Society and local group Incredible Edible Wrecsam. To become involved with the group:
You can join in on regular community workdays - these are: First Sunday of the Month at 2pm: Mount Street.
Second Monday of the Month at 6pm: Madeira Hill.
You can also contact the group on Facebook to arrange volunteering worktimes outside of these times at these sites or at the other sites (or at sites you have discovered to work with - they can provide some assistance with this too).

Below are some pictures of our Sustainability Society and Incredible Edible planting around the town centre. You can also watch the group, and previous members of the society explain more by clicking here. The video also shows Incredible Edible planting at Wrexham Glyndwr University.

Facebook: Click Here.




FREE Fruit and Vegetables on Campus

Our Sustainability Society have been busy planting fruit trees and vegetable patches on campus. Students are welcome to help themselves for FREE! The Students' Union would like to thank the society for their hard work and upkeep of the patches.





Wrexham Glyndwr Students’ Union Fairtrade Statement

WGSU are giving full support to the university in its efforts in striving to become a more Sustainable, Fairtrade University. We aim to promote Fairtrade at every opportunity and follow the principals of the Fairtrade Foundation.


WGSU are committed to offering Fairtrade products wherever possible. The University offers Fairtrade products in all catering outlets, and Fairtrade and local produce are important to Aramarc who are soon to become the university’s new caterers.
Fancy getting involved?
You can help promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade at WGU, here are some ideas:

  *   Look out for the Fairtrade symbol on the products you buy
  *   Try to purchase Fairtrade products wherever you can
  *   If you can’t see them, ask for them
  *   Boycott exploitative products
  *   Tell companies why you’ve stopped buying their products and why
  *   Talk about Fairtrade
  *   Volunteer at the next Fairtrade Fortnight event
  *   Get involved with the Fairtrade Steering Group who meet annually to discuss and stimulate action for Fairtrade across the University – Contact:<>


WGSU Sustainability Survey 2017!

WGSU would like to thank all the students who took part in our sustainability survey which opened back in February 2017. The results have been analyzed and WGSU representatives will feed this into the University's Sustainability Forum as well as the Union's monitoring and evaluation processes. Please Click Here to view an analysis of the results.

Our Negative Environmental Impact

Nobody is perfect, not even us and so we have identified the negative environmental impacts that we have as a Students’ Union, to help us develop and improve these in the future. Some are beyond our control (for example, the building we are in), however, there are some that we can make a difference in.

You can read this report, here

Green News! 


Science Garden Takes Shape at Techniquest Glyndwr

WGSU’s Societies Create Wild flower garden at WGU Northop

Earth Hour at WGU Northop 2017

Our Green Week, organised by the Sustainability Society and the Sustainability Network Glyndwr (along with collaborations from many of our other societies and teams) was a great success! The events were well attended by staff and students alike and hundreds of timers and shower water reducers were given out to encourage everyone to make a small change in their own daily lives. The week aimed to make sustainability fun and accessible for all and had workshops around eco art, grafting your own apple trees and bee conservation. There were skill shares and food-based events and we are looking forward to having an even bigger Green Week next year - watch this space! 

If you want to tell us about what you're doing for the planet, please use the #greenglyndwr. 

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