Your Students' Union Sustainability Officer 2020-2021

Your Sustainability Officer is Dan Holmes. To find out more about Dan's role and how you can get involved with Sustainability projects on campus visit HERE:

Living Lab Project Fund - Get funded for your sustainability project/research

A research concept. Using the university as a Living Lab means using your own academic and student research facilities to solve social responsibility and sustainability issues relating to Wrexham Glyndwr University’s infrastructure and practices. WGU's Sustainability Action Working Group are looking for a student living lab project to fund. Apply here for a maximum £300.



Social Media 


The Students' Union and the University work in partnership on sustainability as it is a high priority for both. Therefore, take a look at our joint Facebook page - GreenGlyndwr

Green Glyndwr Society 

To sign up or find out more information, head over to our SOCIETIES page 



NUS UK Awards 2018

 As well as being awarded an Excellent accreditation, WGSU also won the highest scoring nation award at the NUS UK Awards 2018. Click the link below to read more:

WGSU Highest scoring nation in Green Impact Excellent award 


 -  Below:
“Reduce single-use plastics”
With the drive to cut down on single-use plastic and use more environmentally friendly products gaining a huge amount of momentum, Student Union and Northop campus started phasing out single-use plastics in May 2018 and from 1
stAugust 2018, the main campus will follow in their footsteps. Students and Staff are encouraged to supply their own drinking vessel for water from August 2018 onwards.
Aramark uses disposable packaging from a company called Vegware. The salad boxes are made from recycled sugar cane containing 99% less carbon than polystyrene. 
“Improve the university recycling”
The university has reviewed is recycling practices and are introducing a programme of new recycling points with new bins and graphics to control the waste streams and reduce contamination. Keep an eye out for the new recycling points being introduced this year.
“Encourage more involvement from the higher level staff in promoting sustainable events and campaigns”
For part of Go Green week, 2018 VC Maria Hinfelaar lead a lunchtime bike ride around campus which was reported on in The Leader. Director of Operations Lynda Powell also helped promote and attended Crispin Lane Clean-Up in March 2018. WGU are aiming to keep the involvement from WGU’s top this academic year.
“Create new green spaces and improve existing ones. Make them outdoor social learning spaces or places where staff can relax and unwind at lunch, etc.”
Techniquest Glyndŵr was successful in obtaining around £34K of funding to transform a derelict and unused area of ground to the rear of the LEIS building used by the popular Science Centre on the Plas Coch Campus of the University. The space will complement the indoor space of Techniquest Glyndŵr that houses over 75 hands-on interactive science exhibits. Once complete the Science Garden will offer a mixture of planted areas and features such as wheelchair friendly surfacing, raised beds and pond area, a composting area and a number of working exhibits of equipment that will illustrate the primary scientific themes of Biodiversity, Renewable Energy and Recycling.
Creation of Green Spaces
“Embed sustainability as part of all curriculum activity”
Our Foundation Year students, in all subjects across the University now, are required to complete a module on Contemporary Issues in which they study and discuss topics such as climate change and genetic modification.
“We want a space to grow our own fruit and veg”
We have built a collaborative with Flintshare the community led growing group and WGU societies Environmental Society and ZooSoc at Northop Campus. Staff and students can get involved and learn about planting different seeds, weeding, transplanting and pest control. You can develop a practical understanding of horticultural techniques by understanding how to make compost, dig beds, as well as gain knowledge about different plants, insects and the eco system. There is a Wrexham – Northop mini bus provided for students during term time which you can book onto at
Growing Vegetables
“Re-commit to Fairtrade and encourage our new catering provider to use locally sourced ingredients where possible.”
The University was officially awarded Fairtrade University Status on Monday 29th January 2018. The Fairtrade Foundation commented on our application,
“Well done, you have provided us with an incredibly detailed set of policies that extensively illustrate your commitment to Fairtrade and the steps put in place to ensure that a high standard of ethical practice is maintained. We are impressed by your motivation and it is great to see the possible collaboration with Wrexham’s Fairtrade group”.
We aim to promote Fairtrade at every opportunity and follow the principals of the Fairtrade Foundation. We will continue to run a range of events and activities with Fairtrade being the main focus. 
“Reduce car parking and actively encourage/incentivise and support the use of local public transport and cycle/walk to week schemes.”
This year Wrexham Glyndŵr University held campaigns to promote an active lifestyle including National Walking Month in May and Bike week in June 2018. We plan
Find information on how to get to campus using public transport on our Sustainable Travel page. WGU offers a cycle hire service for use by staff and students to travel between campuses and around Wrexham.
There are currently 18 cycles available for hire and can be hired for up to 7 days at a time. Click here to find out more.

Huge success this year as 94 students completed the NUS Sustainability Skills Survey in October. Our results show that the respondents were mostly first year undergraduates (41%). The results also show that 58% of students had covered ethical issues linked to their subject and that our students thought it was very important to look at global problems from the perspective of people from around the world. Proud to say we have students who have concerns towards global problems. Next year we'll aim to get even more respondents! 

Your Sustainability Officer

This year's Sustainability officer is 3rd year Psychology student Maryam Riscalla. You can contact her on 

Take a read of her blogs and see what's been going on and how you can get involved:

Catch Up

NUS Sustainability Summit 2017

Greetings from your Sustainability Officer


WGSU recieve a 'Good' rating from the NUS Green Impact initiative!!

Each year WGSU enters the NUS Green Impact Award in order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. This year we were delighted to receive a 'Good' rating. Take a look at the report and see where we make a positive impact. If you have any suggestions on ways we can improve or would like to get involved in anyway, please get in touch! 

WGSU Green Impact Report 2017-2018

WGU Sustainability Society team up with the community to promote World Peace Day and Food Share

WGSU supported the Sustainability Society in a succsesful bid of £2,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to put on a Big Lunch event in Wrexham town to promote World Peace Day, Food Share and Sustainability. Hundreds from the local community came together for an action packed day at Queens Square, Wrexham. 

World Peace Day 2017 Big Lunch at Wrexham’s Library green space was a huge success this year!

The large number of attendees had the opportunity to try some vegan food, try out some belly dancing, do some yoga, get involved with the amazing work C.L.P.W is doing to promote equality, diversity and inclusion most importantly meet others they wouldn’t normally meet.

This wonderful event wouldn’t have took place without the support from Wrexham Glyndwr Students' Union and the National Lottery Fund.

Hopefully from this year on, this important event will be held annually to celebrate peace in the town center.  

Maryam said "The event was a great success in providing the right environment for students and people to meet and celebrate peace together."


Wrexham Glyndwr University invests £500 in a brand new SU garden!

Wreham Glyndwr University have donated £500 to the Student's Union to build a garden at the fron of the SU building. The garden will grow fresh herbs in order for students to help themselves. The area will compromise of benches, herb patch and flower beds. Maryam, Sustainability officer and third year student said "I am delighted that the University have invested in such an important project. Sustainibility is a high priority for the SU and this garden is the begining of what we hope to be an extended project that will see the side of the SU growing vegetables to provid for the University catering department". The garden is due to be finished by mid October - Watch this space!

Plastic Campaign

Our Sustainability Officer, Maryam Riscalla was very inspired after the NUS Sustainability Summit 2017 that as soon as she came back to the SU she discussed the chance of the union removing single use plastic.

To support the idea of the union removing single use plastic such as plastic bags, plastic cups and plastic straws, thumbs up the idea here:

UPDATE – this motion was discussed at student council and successfully passed! Say goodbye to plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups and plastic spikeys from your union!

UPDATE: The fun isn’t over yet! The campaign is still going strong as our Welsh Officer is now on board with tackling plastic pollution at WGSU. Emyr Owen’ motion to remove single use plastic from the university has passed student council and now our president will begin lobbying the university to ditch the plastic and encourage reusables.

UPDATE – Our president has met with the head of catering outlets, head of estates and the director of operations to discuss the motion form and ensure it will be taken seriously. Minutes of the meeting have not been released yet but in a statement from our SU President we can confirm the following outcomes: 

  • Aramark will remove plastic cups through recylcing and will introduce reusable mugs and cups in all outlets and will encourage Starbucks and Costa to provide branded mugs.
  • Aramark will remove plastic cups from all conferences booked through them and will now use glass instead.
  • The Grumpy Mules Cafe have developed a 100% biodegradable and recycable take away coffee cup that will be available. Aramark will now lobby the Strabucks and Costa cafe to do the same.
  • Aramark will introduce 100% eco friendly bio degradable coffee mug that contains no plastic to sell to students and staff for £1 and offer a 10p discount every time the mug is used.
  • Aramark will always encourage students and staff to use reuasble bottles where possible and will look into an alternative 'ONE WATER' plastic bottles such as selling reusable bottles

This is a massive achievement for the SU and a huge thanks goes to Maryam Riscalla, the Sustainaility and Fairtrade Society and Travis Davies! 

We advise all students and staff to use reusable bags, bottles, straws and spikeys which you can use around campus and in the bar.

Our new Plastic Policy for the SU can be found here


UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

WGSU support the 17 development goals and are supporting the University to ensure that these goals are met within the curriculum. Does the course you are studying cover these? If not raise this with your programme leader or contact the Students' Union Sustainability Officer to support you with this. 



Congratulations to Pip Francis for winning the Sustainability Champion of the year: Staff and to Maryam Riscalla for the student award. Both have worked extremely hard this year on gaining Fair Trade Status for the Univeristy, increased People and Planet accreditatiopn and NUS' Green impact accreditation. 


WGU Sustainability Society partnership with Incredible Edible Wrecsam

We are extremely proud of the partnership between WGU Sustainability Society and local group Incredible Edible Wrecsam. To become involved with the group:
You can join in on regular community workdays - these are: First Sunday of the Month at 2pm: Mount Street.
Second Monday of the Month at 6pm: Madeira Hill.
You can also contact the group on Facebook to arrange volunteering worktimes outside of these times at these sites or at the other sites (or at sites you have discovered to work with - they can provide some assistance with this too).

Below are some pictures of our Sustainability Society and Incredible Edible planting around the town centre. You can also watch the group, and previous members of the society explain more by clicking here. The video also shows Incredible Edible planting at Wrexham Glyndwr University.

Facebook: Click Here.




WGSU Sustainability Action Plan 

In conjunction with the Sustainability and Fair Trade Society and the WGSU Sustainability Action Working Group we have set out targets that we would like to achieve in the year ahead. Take a look and let us know if you think we should be working on other areas of sustainability. As part of the Union’s ongoing commitment to the environment, this plan has been created to outline various targets that should be achieved within set timeframes. Click Here to view the action plan. 

The action plan has been updated to reflect various achievements to date. These include the University recieving Fair Trade status, working more within the community and the completion of a University wide paper policy.

FREE Fruit and Vegetables on Campus

Our Sustainability Society have been busy planting fruit trees and vegetable patches on campus. Students are welcome to help themselves for FREE! The Students' Union would like to thank the society for their hard work and upkeep of the patches.







Wrexham Glyndwr Students’ Union Fairtrade Statement

WGSU are giving full support to the university in its efforts in striving to become a more Sustainable, Fairtrade University. We aim to promote Fairtrade at every opportunity and follow the principals of the Fairtrade Foundation.


WGSU are committed to offering Fairtrade products wherever possible. The University offers Fairtrade products in all catering outlets, and Fairtrade and local produce are important to Aramarc who are soon to become the university’s new caterers.
Fancy getting involved?
You can help promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade at WGU, here are some ideas:

  *   Look out for the Fairtrade symbol on the products you buy
  *   Try to purchase Fairtrade products wherever you can
  *   If you can’t see them, ask for them
  *   Boycott exploitative products
  *   Tell companies why you’ve stopped buying their products and why
  *   Talk about Fairtrade
  *   Volunteer at the next Fairtrade Fortnight event
  *   Get involved with the Fairtrade Steering Group who meet annually to discuss and stimulate action for Fairtrade across the University – Contact:<>

Wrexham Glyndwr University soared almost 50 places up the rankings of a prestigious green league table.

Check it out here

WGSU Sustainability Survey 2018!

WGSU would like to thank all the students who took part in our sustainability survey which opened back in February 2018. The results have been analyzed and WGSU representatives will feed this into the University's Sustainability Forum as well as the Union's monitoring and evaluation processes. Please Click Here to view an analysis of the results.

WGSU Sustainability Survey 2017!

WGSU would like to thank all the students who took part in our sustainability survey which opened back in February 2017. The results have been analyzed and WGSU representatives will feed this into the University's Sustainability Forum as well as the Union's monitoring and evaluation processes. Please Click Here to view an analysis of the results.

Our Negative Environmental Impact

Nobody is perfect, not even us and so we have identified the negative environmental impacts that we have as a Students’ Union, to help us develop and improve these in the future. Some are beyond our control (for example, the building we are in), however, there are some that we can make a difference in.

You can read this report, here

Green News! 


Science Garden Takes Shape at Techniquest Glyndwr

WGSU’s Societies Create Wild flower garden at WGU Northop

Earth Hour at WGU Northop 2017

Our Green Week, organised by the Sustainability Society and the Sustainability Network Glyndwr (along with collaborations from many of our other societies and teams) was a great success! The events were well attended by staff and students alike and hundreds of timers and shower water reducers were given out to encourage everyone to make a small change in their own daily lives. The week aimed to make sustainability fun and accessible for all and had workshops around eco art, grafting your own apple trees and bee conservation. There were skill shares and food-based events and we are looking forward to having an even bigger Green Week next year - watch this space! 

If you want to tell us about what you're doing for the planet, please use the #greenglyndwr. 

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