We are always looking for ways we can improve our website and this is being updated on a regular basis. We want to ensure our website is accessible and easy to navigate.


We believe in order to further improve our website, we need to gather your feedback and recommendations so we can implement steps towards building a website that is accessible to a wide range of people.


Please send us feedback on how accessible our site is for you, so that we can keep improving it. Email feedback to


Changing text size, font, colours, and brightness


We have selected text, font, and colour options for our website that we feel are easily visible, however we understand that this may not suit everyone. It may be possible to set personalised options within your browser to suit your preferences.


Webpage navigation


We want to work to ensure our webpages are easy to navigate and intuitive. Webpages are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure information is correct, clear, and relevant, including any useful links where appropriate. If we intend to highlight an important feature of our website, we create a visual banner on the homepage that directs people straight to that feature on the website.


Requiring information in a different format


If you require any information on our website in a different format, please email with details and we will do our best to support you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01978 293371

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