About Us

Who we are

Hello! We are The Students’ Union. We are here to represent you and your voice. We have an appropriate vision, development plan and strategic plan in place to ensure that we can operate in a transparent, efficient and effective way for every student at Glyndwr. We strive to make your student experience the best it can be. What matters to you, matters to us. We are your voice!

The Officers and staff of the Students' Union are here to work for you. You can contact us by calling into the Students' Union Building, giving us a call or dropping us an email - click here to find out how. Please come and say hello whenever you see us around campus. We're a friendly bunch, and happy to help however we can!

The Union is made up of a team of elected Sabbatical Officers, elected Executive Officers and employed staff.

President and Vice President

The President and Vice President hold paid, full time positions and are elected by the Students in the spring elections. They are in post for 1 year from July to June. They are normally students who are in their final year, ready to take up the position when they’ve finished their course. The President and Vice President act as they key link to the University’s Vice- Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Governors, Council, Senate and Managers, as well as NUS and other key stakeholders.


The President is responsible for:

  • ensuring the Union works within our constitution and is representing every student voice
  • ensuring we are effective in helping students in with issues in every aspect of student life that we can
  • representing all students in academic affairs
  • representing students on these University Committees - Board of Governors, Academic Board/Senate, Equal Opportunity and Disciplinary Panel Hearings, Quality Strategy Committee, Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee, Health and Safety Committee and student induction events
  • being the public face of the Union and the primary representative of the students
  • the Union's relations with the National Union of Students
  • acting as a mentor to the following members of the Executive Committee: Ethical and Environmental Officer, International Officer, LGBT Officer, Mature Students Officer, Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer, Regent Street Officer and Campus Officers.
  • building links between the Union and the wider community
  • organising events and entertainment throughout the year, striving to enhance the student experience


The Vice President is responsible for:

  • representing students on University Committees. Including Academic Board/Senate, the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and at student induction events.
  • assisting and advising the Union's Sports & Societies
  • organising and chairing the Entertainment & Events Committee, the Welfare, Equality and Diversity Committee and the Clubs & Societies Committee
  • acting as a mentor to the following members of the Executive Committee: AU Officer, Clubs and Societies Officer, Entertainment and Events Officer, Postgraduate Officer, Women’s Officer, Welsh Language Officer, Welfare Officer and Students with Disabilities Officer.
  • working with Glyndŵr Student Services to understand the delivery of Welfare and Equal Opportunity advice to students by adequately trained volunteers and staff
  • Policy development
  • the induction and training of new officers following their election
  • engaging in the development of the University’s Student Representative System

Executive Officers

We have 16 Executive Officer positions in the Union. They are part-time voluntary roles where the successful candidates carry out the role alongside their studies. All elected Officers are given training and support to carry out their role.

Each Officer’s role is to simply represent the student’s interests in each area and to campaign on any relevant issues, as well as assisting the Union in what we do.


At the Union we also have employed members of staff who work closely with the elected Officers to provide the best student experience possible.

We have a Student Advisor, who is responsible for advising and supporting the students through the university’s policies and procedures- whether that is complaints, academic appeals or extenuating circumstances. They are there as independent support, continuously fighting for your right to a good and fair education.

We also have a Sports & Societies Co-ordinator who takes care of all of the sports teams and activities around campus, and all of the Union afilliated societies.

In addition, there is a CEO who is responsible for the development of the Union, i.e. governance, finances, etc (all that boring stuff!), and a Finance and Administration Co-ordinator who keeps everything running day-to-day. 

New for this year, we also have a Representation and Democracy Co-ordinator who takes care of areas such as course reps and student council, as well as a Digital, Design and Communications Co-ordinator who looks after all our social media and general communication.  


Company number: 10111959
Registered Charity: 1168132