Regent Street Officer

Meet your Regent Street Officer

Name: Charley Wiles

Studying: MDes Graphic Design and Multimedia

Email me: 

Hi! My name is Charley Wiles and I am currently a 4th year student studying here at Wrexham Glyndwr University on a Mdes – Graphic Design and Multimedia Degree.

I ran in the elections 3 years ago to become Regent Street Officer, because I wanted to help out students down in regent street get their voices heard as well as develop the communication between the campuses. 3 Years later, I am once again the Regent Street Officer but this time for several different reasons.

In my role, I represent the whole of Regent Street. I go to student council meetings, Student Voice Forums, gather feedback, listen to student’s needs and wishes, work closely with the President and Vice president of the Students Union with events and problems, generally just try and get things done for a better overall experience for students.

If any student/s have any problems they can contact me via email: or they can pop into the Students Union and ask either the Vice President or President to contact me. Another way they can contact me is visiting the main reception desk on either Wednesdays 4-7:30pm or Thursdays 3-7:30pm each week. I work there as an evening Concierge Receptionist, so any problems just come see me then!

Finally, if you see me about the campus, don’t be afraid to approach me and ask me questions. I am always happy to help.


Company number: 10111959
Registered Charity: 1168132