LGBT+ Officer

Meet your LGBT+ Officer 

Name: Tom Hindle

Course: BA (Hons) Theatre, Television and Performance 

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My name is Tom Hindle and I am a first-year student on the Theatre, Television and Performance course. I am the current LGBT+ Officer at the university as well the LGBT+ Society President. Representing the LGBT+ Community is such an important thing to me as I think it is important that we have a voice in the university in order to make sure that we are play a part in how the university runs through the Student Council.

As part of my role I work alongside other members of the council to give the students a voice regarding changes that the university want to make. I am also here for any students that need support regarding LGBT+ issues or feel that they are being discriminated against to talk to. I can start motions in order to make changes to the university that will make our time here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

To get in contact with me just email me at: or like the Facebook page and drop me a message through there:


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