Union President - Kieran Irwin

So this is my second and final year as a Sabbatical Officer and this time round I am your Student’s Union President. Some of the key areas I will be working on throughout the year are to ensure that student feedback from assignments is received on time and is also relevant. I will be working alongside our brand new Health and Wellbeing Society throughout the year to ensure that there are as many opportunities for students’ to have the support they need to stay engaged with their studies.

There will be some exciting events throughout the year and it is vital that we ensure students’ have a say on what we do. So please come and see me if you have any ideas on events, campaigns or any projects you are thinking of and let’s see if we can help out and get this up and running.

We are here to support you, engage with you and assist in your personal development. My office has an open door policy and you are always welcome to come in and let me know if there are any areas in the university you would like to see improved, changed or more of the same. Your input is key to ensuring you have the best experience at university and we exist to support and represent you. I’m looking forward to the year ahead and working with as many students as possible.

#Let’s Go Champ!

Company number: 10111959
Registered Charity: 1168132