Student Council



Student Council is one of the most senior committees in the Students' Union. Its role is to set Union policy and to hold your elected representatives to account. They are there to represent the areas they were elected into position on Student Council and on University Committees. Contact details for your representatives can be found by clicking on the image below.

 There are 17 members who have full voting rights and the Student Council Chair, however students are welcome to attend as an observer and participate in the debate. If you would like to run for a position on Student Council, head over to our elections page, or if you want to join the teams meeting as a student observer and take part in debate, please contact  

The dates of the Student Council Meetings for the academic year 2020-2021 are as follows and take place via Teams. If you would like to observe or join the meeting, please email 

Wednesday – 9th December 2020 2pm

Wednesday – 3rd February 2021 2pm

Wednesday 24th February 2021 2pm

Wednesday 24th March 2021 2pm

Wednesday 28th April 2021 2pm

Wednesday 26th May 2021 2pm

Wednesday 30th June 2021 2pm



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