Student Council

Date of the next Student Council meeting: Friday 20th January, 2017 - 15:00, Student Lounge, SU Building

All students are welcome to Student Council and can take part in debate but will not be able to vote.

Student Council is one of the most senior committees in the Students' Union. Its role is to set Union policy and to hold your full time elected reps to account. There are 17 members (below) who have full voting rights, however students are welcome to attend as an observer and participate in the debate. Students can also submit ideas by clicking here. If you recieve 15 'likes' on the website, the SU will post it on our social media encouraging students to visit the website to 'like' or 'dislike'. If you you recieve 25 'likes', the SU will then support you to submit the idea to Council as a motion that could potentially become Students' Union policy.

Elected Council members

Chair (SU President) - Emily Karim,

Vice Chair (SU Vice President) - Travis Davies,

  1. International Students’ Officer
  2. Mature Students’ Officer
  3. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender+ (LGBT+)
  4. Welsh Language Officer
  5. London Campus Officer
  6. Regent Street Campus
  7. Northop Campus Officer
  8. Creative Arts School Rep
  9. Social and Life Sciences School Rep
  10. Business School Rep
  11. Applied Sciences, Computing and Engineering School Rep
  12. Equal Opportunities Officer
  13. Welfare Officer
  14. Campaigns Officer
  15. Sustainability Officer

If you would like to run for any of the positions please click here

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